Pendants, jewelry and beads

In this category you will find what you need to make numerous pendants, rings, hair accessories, earrings and ear plugs.

Different sized pendants can be crafted into earrings and pendants for necklaces. If the silicone mold doesn't have an opening for a hole, you can either drill one in afterwards, or attach a screw eyelet or a glue-on-bail. We would like to specially mention  our new ear plug molds, with which stretched earlobes can be embellished according to your own design and taste.

We stock bead molds for large hole beads, suitable for Pandora bracelets (3mm and 5mm), as well as ones with a small hole for necklaces and bracelets with thin nylon or an elastic cord.

Hair accessories such as silicone molds for hairpins and hair clips should not be missing in this category either. Countless of our shapes can also be processed into hair accessories with the help of our special adhesive pads for hair ties.

For our ring molds we can recommend our UV resin soft, as long as no sharp-edged objects are included. This keeps the ring flexible and more comfortable to wear.

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